Professional Consulation

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

~ Brian Herbert

With 15+ years of direct clinical, supervision and teaching experience, Corbiell Counselling & Consulting Services is here to support you in all areas of your clinical development.

Consultation is offered to clinicians of varying disciplines and Natural Processing trainees.

Individual and group formats are available.

Effective Clinical Supervision and Professional Consultation are cornerstones of strong clinical practice. Consultation:

  • Supports therapists in integrating theory intro practice
  • Enhances practitioners clinical skills
  • Highlights evidence based, best practice interventions
  • Assists therapists in developing self-awareness
  • Allows critical reflection on the work and the process
  • Enhances professional development opportunities

At Corbiell Counselling & Consulting Services, consultation is based on the goals of each clinician and may include:

  • Roleplays of important therapy dynamics
  • Live practice of clinical interventions
  • Review of recorded sessions with detailed written feedback
  • Processing interpersonal dynamics between the therapist and client
  • Discussion of ethical dilemmas
  • Review of pertinent theory and applications to clinical practice
  • ASWB exam preparation

Your transformation starts today.

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