Initial Consultation

20 minutes


No matter the concern you may wish to address, the decision to pursue therapy can be challenging for many people.  You may wonder whether your concerns are big enough, if you can manage your issue on your own, or if you are even capable of changing.  You may even worry about what others may think if they know you are going to therapy.

The initial phone consultation is designed to answer these questions, help you determine if you are ready for therapy, and if you’d like to work together with me. During the call, I will ask you to describe your strengths, the reasons you are seeking therapy and your expectations of the therapy process. I will also provide you with information on my practice, training and therapeutic approach, answering any questions to assist you in your decision-making process.

Individual Therapy

50 minutes


The First Session

During our first session, we will spend some time getting to know each other and discuss your reasons for coming to therapy. I will ask about your strengths, challenges, and hopes for the therapy process. I will also explain my therapeutic approach and answer any questions you may have about the therapy process.

Together, we will then explore goals for therapy and design an individualized treatment plan to achieve these goals, improve self-awareness, enhance coping, and identify barriers to lasting change.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are designed to work through your treatment plan, enhance coping, and identify any dynamics impacting lasting change.

The number of follow-up sessions required will depend on the type of concerns being addressed, the longevity of the concerns, and the level of change desired.

Family Therapy

50-90 minutes


Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy used to improve relationships, enhance communication and resolve conflict. In family therapy you may address specific issues such as marital or financial problems, conflict between parents and children, or the impact of substance use and mental health concerns on the entire family. The process can involve every member of the family or certain family members alone.

The number of sessions will depend on the type of concern being addressed, the longevity of the concern and the level of change desired.

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